why dog training is important

Why Dog Training Is So Important?

Dog training is so important because it gives mental stimulation to a dog’s life. It keeps the dog and the dog owner happy. As an owner, you must want your dog to be well behaved. A trained dog easily can cope up with different places and situations.

Five Valid Reasons For Training A Dog

The majority of the dogs don’t have any formal training. Training can teach many qualities. Here are the 5 reasons for training-

1. Build A Positive Relationship

To build a positive relationship with your dog you need to know how the dog behaves and learn new things. Positive reinforcement can do this for you. It creates bonding between you and your dog because-

  • The training method influence positive behavior
  • It inspires the dog to do good deeds more
  • Positive training increase mutual trust instead of fear
  • The dogs become more tolerant after training

We are talking about positive reinforcement, not the dominance training method. The dogs learn to cope up with different situations.

2. Teach Life Skills

Domestic dogs usually don’t have to face difficulties like their wild counterparts. Proper training can teach them about life skills and all other things.

  • Training can save dogs from anxiety and stress
  • Dogs learn manners and skills during training
  • It will learn to entertain guests
  • The dog will learn how to integrate with the situations

The dog will learn to live in the home environment and keep everyone happy.

3. Make It Social

Domestic dogs need to be more social to live a healthy life for themselves and also for the owner. You will not be able to teach the dog everything without traditional training. The dog larn meany things-

  • Different environment, animals and people makes it more social
  • The dog will learn to cope up with peoples and physical touches
  • She will not feel uncomfortable among people and learn to keep her distance as well
  • It will learn to understand different social situations

The manner and skill a dog learn from training helps it to increase sociability.

4. Remedy For Bad Behaviours

The training also builds up a language of communication. It will increase the comfort and security between you and your dog. Thus, you can get a remedy for bad behaviors.

  • Negative behavior comes from a lack of understanding
  • Since the dogs are punished for an unwanted behavior, they naturally avoid it
  • Fixing bad behavior is a part of the training process
  • The dog learns to live with the home environment

During the training session, every action serves a purpose.

5. To Get A Loyal Friend

In the positive training method, you will get a loyal friend. You will be able to enjoy the companionship more.

  • During the training, the dog gets constructive guidelines
  • It increases the connection between the owner and the pet
  • The dog learns to make the right choice for her owner
  • It feels happy when the bonding increases

There is a popular misconception that positive trainers don’t teach to dog staying away from bad behavior. The fact is bad behavior is reduced with demotivation. See- 10 Most Popular Dog Training Methods

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