Positive Behavior Training For Dogs

Magic Of Positive Behavior Training For Dogs

You can call positive behavior training for dogs positive reinforcement. You give a reward for good behavior and discourage unwanted behavior. Foods, games, car rides,s, etc can be used as a reward for dogs. Moder trainers like this method much.

Involve Everyone

Positive behavior training is very easy. You can involve all the family members even children. Children can give reward to the dog. But in the dominance training method, you will not be able to involve a child.

The act is simple. You have to give food or something when the dog completes the desired task. Any of your family members can do it and gradually the dog will become familiar with everything.

Build Up Communication

The process establishes good communication between the dog and the owner. The repetition of good behavior occurs when you give a reward for expected jobs.

You can teach the dog to eliminate outside the room. In positive reinforcement, there is no punishment. So, the dog will naturally do it to get the reward. It results in a stronger bonding between the reward gainer and provider.

Mental Stimulation

Eliminating boredom is a part of the training. So, you can’t keep the dog lazy. The game, exercise, and reward stimulate the dog mentally and burn much energy.

It also solves some of the behavior problems like digging and chewing. The reason for it is boredom. A positive training session is the best tonic for boredom.

Keep The Time Short

During the training don’t use longer words. Dogs don’t understand long sentences. So keep the instruction as short as possible. You can use some common instructions- sit, watch, stand up, down, up, come leave, stay, etc.

First of all, the dog captures body language. Try to command the dog with a calm and clear voice. The use of long sentences and the repetition of commands can make it complicated. So, keep it simple and easy.

Be Consistent

Use of the same command for a different task or, different commands for the same task can easily confuse the dog. So, make sure that all the family members are using the same command for the dog for the same task.

Of course, consistency is the key to teaching a new command. The same thing also applicable for the reward. Maybe behavior is unwanted for you but the same behavior is wanted for your sister. You will not give a reward for it but she does. The dog will naturally confuse with the behavior.

Rewards and Treats Idea

Foods are a great reward for dog, it can motivate the most. But. overeating is harmful to the dog. So, keep the balance between food reward and toy reward. You also can give a small piece of food as a reward. Some verbal praising can stimulate the dog.

You should try to keep a variety among the type of reward. The reward can be gradually reduced. Say, now you are giving rewards every time, then four out of five, three out of five-time it completed the task.

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