How To Manage Aggressive Dog As A Trainer?

How To Manage Aggressive Dog As A Trainer?

Learn how to manage an aggressive dog. It is not always easy. The reason for aggressiveness is misunderstood most of the time. We have to deal with fear and aggression together. The dog feels insecure and shows aggression as a result.

Reasons For Dog’s Aggression

The root cause of aggression is an imbalance, illness, or, any kind of insecurity feelings. We have to focus on the root cause and solve the problem accordingly. Here are some of the main causes-

  • A series of traumatic events in the past days
  • Lack of socialization or, problems related to adjustment to a new environment
  • A history of denial or, deprivation
  • Genetical problems

To solve the problem, we need to find out what is the exact reason behind it. Is it genetic or, due to previous experiences.

Do Punishment Work?

Maybe the reason behind the aggression of your dog is anxious. Some of the trainers treat the dog aggressively and punish them. It will never work. Such kind of behavior increases anxiety and fear. We know that-


It is also applicable to any kind of animal even for humans. It happens for a particular reason. So, you can’t increase the fear, you have to reduce it. If a child is afraid of darkness, you need to increase the light in the room and you should teach him/her to adjust gradually. The same thing will apply to your pet. So, punishment doesn’t work.

Canine Aggression

Your dog may show canine aggression towards others for many reasons. There is a trigger to the aggression, it always tries to ensure it’s safety. Dog shows aggression in a few cases

  • Interaction with other dogs
  • Anyone try to enter a dog’s territory
  • A particular type of people
  • When it feels it’s food or, anything owned by it is in threat

It is not an easy task to deal with this aggression.  An experienced dog trainer can apply positive reinforcement techniques to solve the problem. Sometimes the dog feels that it has no other way but to fight. You have to change its attitude positively.

Aggressiveness At Home

The dog may be aggressive to other people or, children at home which is dangerous. To solve this aggressiveness, the trainer needs to focus on the trigger behind it and reduce the effect. You can do several things to solve aggression towards a guest or, other people-

  • Reward the dog with foods and toys when a guest comes to the house
  • Keep the dog away when a guest comes, bring it on the backroom
  • Close the front door and welcome guest to another gate

Make the dog feel that the doorbell is not a dangerous thing, it’s very natural and common. Act in the usual manner when a guest comes to your house.

Aggressiveness In Public Place

In public areas, dogs may be aggressive for some reasons. You need to find out the trigger. The reason may be space or, people around it. The first duty is to identify and solve it finally.

  • Restrict the dog from getting closer to the trigger
  • Create enough space to keep it away from the trigger
  • If space creation is not possible in cities, keep it busy in something the dog likes

Desensitizing is very important to treat a dog’s aggression positively. Look for a muzzle that can work better to manage an aggressive dog.

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