Dominance Dog Training Method- 5 Steps To Learn

Dominance Dog Training Method- 5 Steps To Learn

Dominance dog training is one of the most popular training methods. You need to act as a pack leader in this method. You need to maintain a balanced relationship with dominant dogs. If you have a few dogs in your house, one of them will appear as a dominant dog. We have discussed 5 steps to apply the method of training-

1. Be Calm And Assertive

You can’t be angry with the dominant dogs. Never get nervous or, anxious, the dog will not allow you to be their leader. Just follow a few things-

  • Your normal behavior is not expected
  • Keep yourself calm, and never get angry
  • Be assertive, don’t get anxious
  • Make them believe that you are someone to protect and lead the pack
  • Keep everything working right during training

The dominant dog always follows the pack leader if they found him capable of leading them. 

2. Set Rules and Limitations

It is important to set rules and boundaries for the dominant dogs. It will tell the dog what to do and what not to. 

  • You should set a rule where the dog can’t go without your permission
  • To get food dog’s need to be submissive
  • You should restrict the dominant dog from going outside without your permission

Setting up boundaries for the dominant dogs work as a confidence booster. So, try to apply rules effectively during the training period.

3. Avoid Forceful Affection

Keep in mind, the leader never tries to create forceful affection. In the dominance dog training method, the dominant dogs will follow you automatically. 

  • Giving affection to the dog will put it in a leadership position
  • The pack leader will not attract others, but others do
  • If the dog needs attention, it will come to you

Never lose your position as the pack leader. Ignore the dog if it wants to dominate you in any way. 

4. Set The Meal Time According To You

You are the leader. So, you should fix the time to eat in the dominance dog training method. 

  • As a leader, you should eat first, then the dominant
  • You can set a boundary for a dog during eating the meal
  • During feeding, you are the leader and the dog must follow you

The dog should be submissive to you. It will start eating after getting a signal from you. 

5. Give The Dogs A Job To Do

The more strong you are as a pack leader, the dog will learn more from you quickly. Give it a job to do-

  • Give the dog a role to play
  • You can teach your dog to obey you do something in the pack
  • This can be very simple or, little harder

You can teach the dog to play some kind of game or, do a job as the dominant. 

By following these five methods, you can train your dog and maintain your relationship with it. Some of the best pieces of training are agility training, obedience training, rescue, etc. You can visit- 10 Most Popular Dog Training Methods, it will give you an idea of all the methods of training.  

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