Correcting 10 Types Of Bad Behavior By A Dog

Correcting 10 Types Of Bad Behavior By A Dog

Before correcting bad behavior by a dog you need to understand the problem thoroughly. Most people misunderstand it. In this article, we will try to give you an idea about all the types of bad behavior by a dog and its solution.

1. Barking

This is the most common problem. Barking is very natural for a dog. But excessive barking is not good behavior at all. There are some reasons behind it- Anxiety, Fear, Attention seeking, Bordom, Warning, Response to others, etc.

Remedy: Attention seeking, responding to other dogs and warning can be ignored if it is not unwanted. Before solving the problem you need to identify what is the exact reason for it. Then you can spend more time with the dog and solve it.

2. Digging

Most of the dogs are prone to digging. Because genetically dogs have a history of hunting. They show the tendency of digging due to this reason. Some of the reasons are- boredom, anxiety, to feel more comfortable, etc. It is annoying that your dog is doing this at home.

Remedy: You have to determine the reason and solve it with more exercise or, by spending more time together. You also can create a free digging area. Teach the dog that it can dig only in that area.

3. Chewing

Chewing is also very natural for dogs. Excess of chewing should be resolved soon. The dog may practice chewing from boredom, anxiety, and curiosity. Whatever the reason is you have to follow some techniques to solve it.

Remedy: You can provide chewing toys for chewing. Distract the dog when it starts chewing the wrong thing. There is no alternative to exercise. More exercise can solve the problem completely.

4. Begging

Many dog owners actually encourage begging. Allowing the dog to beg for food will send a wrong message. Like human being dog also feel obesity and digestive problems. Eating much will not keep your dog healthy.

Remedy: Don’t let the dog beg for food when you are eating. You can keep it outside the room during the period. Or, you can teach it using a positive reinforcement training method that should not stare at you.

5. Jumping Up

Jumping is also a common behavior. But it can also be one of the types of bad behavior by a dog. Sometimes it may harm people. The dog likes to greet people by jumping.

Remedy: If you give a reward or, show excitement it will encourage you to do it again. Ignore the dog during jumping. Walk away and try to avoid eye contact with it.

6. Aggression

Some dogs breed with aggressive genes. Regardless of the breed, we all know that dog has all the potential to show aggression. If it has an abusive history the tendency is very natural. The environment can impact more than anything else on dogs. So, aggression mostly comes from the past environment.

Remedy: Without experience, you will not be able to change the behavior. Consult with a dog behaviorist or, dog trainer to solve it. Be cautious, this kind of dog may be dangerous.

7. Biting

Biting is different from aggression. It is a natural habit. Puppies tend to bite for many reasons- predatory instinct, fear, defensiveness, for protecting property, etc.

Remedy: Training and socializing can solve the problem. We already mentioned that environment plays a big role in dog behavior. So, train your dog and teach them they should not bite anything.

8. Chasing

It is predatory behavior. Dogs tend to chase every moving object. The result is sometimes dangerous. In some cases, the owner is unable to restrict the dog from chasing. The problem needs to be solved.

Remedy: Divert the attention of the dog to solve the problem. Proper training can solve this kind of behavior. You can read- 10 Most Popular Dog Training Methods

9. Inappropriate Elimination

It is really annoying. Inappropriate elimination is a big problem for the dog owner. So, the problem needs to solve. Lake of the proper guide, anxiety, and sense of territory can cause this problem.

Remedy: It can be solved through proper training. Small puppies can learn it very easily. But it is very hard to teach old dogs.

10. Separation Anxiety

When the dog is separated from the owner, it shows many kinds of unwanted behavior. Chewing, inappropriate urination, aggressiveness, etc, can cause separation anxiety.  The dog becomes anxious when the owner leaves.

Remedy: It needs behavior modification and dedicated training. For some extreme cases, medication is also necessary.

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