Comparison: Positive Vs Negative Reinforcement

Comparison: Positive Vs Negative Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a process in which the trainer give reward to the pet. And negative reinforcement is something in which punishment is required for reducing or, eliminating something. In this article, we will discuss positive vs negative reinforcement.

What is Reinforcement?

Reinforcement is a psychological term. It means a process in which the experimenter manages the behavior of the reinforcer. Basically.  It increases the response rate by applying positive or, negatively influential activities. It actually influences the repetition of desired behavior.

Definition of Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the process of encouraging the approved behavior. There are rewards provided for positive behavior. Positive behavior training stimulates the dog. There is no punishment in this method.

A treat or, new toys used as a reward for the dog. The process demands something to satisfy the pet. So, you can use the method to mentally stimulate and teach new behavior to your puppy. Modern days trainers like to follow this method to train their dogs. It includes no punishment but reward. So, the dogs don’t feel anxiety or, other disorders.

Food or, Toys: You can use different rewards for the dog. But the dog-like food much. Though it is more influential, excess of eating may result in obesity. And obesity is harmful to dogs. It creates various types of behavior problems. So, it is better to use toys more as a reward.

Definition of Negative Reinforcement

Negative reinforcement means something needs to be removed by the reinforcer to train the dog. The process is taking something away from the pet. Naturally, it helps to maintain the frequency of the behavior. The dog does not like the method.

Since the method provides some sort of punishment. It may impact a dog’s life negatively. You can try- Dominance Dog Training Method to train your dog according to your desired way.

Example: You can push the dog to teach the sit-down command to the dog. An electronic collar is also used to give an electric shock when the dog doesn’t follow the desired command. The collar is designed in a way so that it can not harm but shock the dog.

Positive Vs Negative Reinforcement

Here is the comparison between these two types of dog training methods. Both are effective. But modern-day trainers like positive reinforcement as it has less bad effects on the dog.

Meaning Positive Reinforcement means a process in which a dog’s behavior is encouraged with rewards. Negative reinforcement is the process of eliminating unwanted behavior by punishing the dog.
Stimuli It stimulates the dog by giving a treat or, toys It discourages behavior by punishment or, removing something
Consequences The training process has pleasant consequences. The training process has unpleasant consequences
Reinforcer acts as rearward for the dog Penalty or, punishment for the dog
Results in Encouraging positive behavior Avoiding unwanted behavior

Final Thought:

Both the method of training has many things as common. Basically, both of these methods reinforce the behavior by influencing the dog in many ways. So, some trainers like to use both the method together.

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