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10 Most Popular Dog Training Methods

There are many dog training methods. As a dog owner or, trainer you can find out the best one among the most popular training methods. You are not the only person who is confused about the methods. Let’s see the 10 methods-

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement

A famous dog trainer Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz makes positive reinforcement famous. It is a process of rewarding. You and other people in contact with the dog during the training period need to maintain the same rewarding routine. We sum up the process in five points-

  • If the dog does something good, It will get a reward from you(toy, treat or, anything)
  • If the dog  does something bad, It will not get anything or, get less than expected
  • The tendency to do something good(something you expect it to do) will grow
  • The Dog will learn the expected behavior over time. No need to punish it.
  • Make sure that everyone is giving the same command, and not rewarding for bad things.

Abusive Dog Training Methods

Abusive dog training

We named the negative reinforcement method an abusive dog training method. It is not so much negative or, abusive. The training method is good and followed by many trainers.

  • It is simply an opposite method compared to positive reinforcement
  • The negative reinforcement method means taking away something from the dog when it doesn’t follow instruction
  • The dog expects to get a reward. But it won’t get it without doing a task
  • It is used to teach the correct behavior to the dog
  • It is known as positive punishment

Alpha Dog Training Methods

Alpha Dog Training Method

Dogs are considered pack animals like their wolf ancestors. You need to act as an alpha leader. Some people think that it is not much effective in modern days. The process is as following-

  • The dog tends to follow the alpha. Like wolves, they follow their leaders
  • First of all the trainer needs to represent him/her as a human alpha to the dog.
  • To apply this method you have to understand the body language of a dog
  • When the dog wants to go out, you open the door and it goes out. Same for food preparation and others
  • It is also known as dominance training. You dominate the dog

Scientific Training Method

Scientific Dog Training Method

You can call this one a combination of all the methods. The nature and behavior of dogs, their action on rewards and punishment, and a lot more things are analyzed in a scientific method. And then the training applies the findings of the study.

  • The method depends on the study and updated researches
  • It’s a combination of positive reinforcement, alpha training methods, and others
  • Trainers need to learn the latest outcome of research and evolve himself/themselves with it.
  • It develops a relationship between the owner and the dog
  • Everyone may not happy with the method, but it is logical.

Electronic Training

Electronic Dog Training

In this method, an electronic collar is used. When the dog won’t follow the desired instruction an electric shock is given to it. Usually, this method is used to keep the dog between a boundary.

  • As an electronic collar is used, the dog won’t hurt but shocked
  • The process provides no reward but punishment.
  • The dog learns what not to do. But it won’t learn what to do
  • It is a wonderful method to teach the dog what it shouldn’t do
  • The overuse of this method is harmful to dogs. It may develop an anxiety disorder

Clicker Training

Clicker Dog Training

A device is used to control the dog. The owner does some sounds or, whistle. The dog responds to it by doing a particular task. You can call it a particular form of positive reinforcement. Some of the properties of this method are-

  • A sound-making device is used. It sends a signal to show the wanted behavior
  • When the dog responds to the sound and does a task, it will get a reward
  • The process of training is simple. Make the dog believe that a reward is waiting
  • Many professional trainers use this method to complete easy and complicated tasks.
  • You can use this method along with other training methods

Mirror Training

Mirror Dog Training

The method comes from Budapest, Hungary. The method is also known as the Hungarian clicker dog training method. In this method, a trainer encourages the dog to follow the action.

  • This method includes no negative emotions or, aggression
  • The process work with building a relationship with dogs and creating a ranking order
  • It teaches the dog to follow the trainer positively
  • The mirror training method is highly effective to build up a lifestyle for dogs
  • Socializing is another component of this method

Koehler Method

Kohler method dog training

The method works depending on the philosophy of action by the dog. It can be represented as a combination of positive and negative reinforcement. It’s a game of reward and punishment.

  • The dog has many options to choose from. It naturally tries to choose the best option
  • The trainer provides a reward for particular action and punishment for others
  • Naturally, the dog will try to receive the reward instead of punishment
  • The method is very old. It has been followed from 1962
  • Koehler’s method describes a different type of punishment. The modern-day trainer doesn’t like some of them

Relationship-Based Training

motivational dog training

This method focuses more on the relationship between the owner and the pet. To get the best benefit from the training method the owner needs to be trained. 

  • In this method, the owner needs to know the body language of the dog
  • The owner can give a reward for good work
  • It builds the relationship between dog and owner
  • The unwanted behavior is controlled by applying various methods
  • It actually builds up the relationship with owners

Model-Rival Training

model rival dog training

Model rival training works based on the social learning method. A rival or, model is used to attract other dogs. McKinley and Young studied the process of domestic dogs.

  • In this method a trainer, dog, and a model rival needed
  • The dog learns from the observation in this method
  • A man working as a model to teach the dog how to behave
  • If the model does anything wrong, The trainer give him punishment
  • The dog naturally learn it and complete the task

Final Thought: You want to build your relationship with the dog and want it to follow you. It is possible without traditional training, but training can make it easier.


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